June 8, 2023
Christian Eriksen could be catalyst for Manchester United's strong season finish - Man United News and Transfer News

The loss towards Newcastle uncovered the fragility of Manchester United’s midfield. They may hardly exert any management and have been pushed apart on Sunday.

Supervisor Erik ten Hag shall be anxious as he realizes how restricted his choices are. Scott McTominay and Fred hardly have the passing qualities needed to be successful in the management system.

It’s clear to see why he didn’t get a chance to shine at parents club Bayern Munich, which signed Marcel Sabitzer on loan. United are missing an elite ball forward and someone who can pick up the ball under pressure. That actor is Christian Eriksen.

United’s games are often mixed with an element of edge-to-edge action, where the Red Devils fail to maintain control of the ball for long and sustained periods of time.

United’s weak midfield

Ten Hag are aware that this type of uncontrolled football is suitable for their team right now because they can gain an advantage through fast wingers. However, this was not always the case, especially before February, mainly due to the presence of the Danes.

A beam of light may finally emerge from the darkness when the Dutch boss reveals that Eriksen has a chance to be available as early as next week.

Many eyebrows were raised when the Dane joined the Reds in the summer. The consensus was that there would be a substitute who would come to change the game if needed. But the Ten Witch had other plans.

He was building a team from scratch after losing a lot of players in the off-season and needed someone who could control the ball and move it with balance.

The former Ajax coach realized that the guns he had weren’t suited to the ultimate style of possession he was trying to bring to Old Trafford, and he needed a middle-of-the-park conductor. This is where the 31-year-old excels compared to the rest of the United midfield.

Both Fred and Scott McTominay provide pressure and physicality, but vertical passing isn’t their strongest point. The only other player who can pick passes and open low blocks is Bruno Fernandes, but he has a tendency to take high risks, which often results in interruptions in attacks.

But the Danish international is taking its time and waiting for its moment before choosing one of the various intermediate balls to destabilize the opposing defence. His passes are almost ethereal at times, as he always manages to pick the right pass while maintaining his attacking tempo.

Eriksen’s superior skills

He has a scepter in his right foot that can smash the ball over the defense or cross it to devastating effect. Ten Hag likes to have their teams play vertically and their passes between the lines are flawless. Compared to his peers, he often seems to have an extra second with the ball and often gets him to count.

And statistics support the claim that Eriksen is the one running United while controlling the game much better. Despite missing two months of play, Eriksen remains the second most assisted player this season with nine assists and the most assists in the Premier League with seven.

And that’s not all, because he has a massive 85% pass completion percentage among all midfielders this season. He also has the most second-chance creations at 44 and the second-best second-chance creation rate per game at 1.42.

The skill repertoire goes beyond all that. He was also effective in his middle shot, which had the highest success rate in the squad during his injury.

At the time of Eriksen’s signing, the former Ajax coach talked about how spiritual passing quality could benefit United, and he also said he could come and do his fair share of the dirty work, but in a more refined sense compared to United’s Brazilian midfield destroyer. casemiro

At the time of his untimely injury, he was second in terms of ball recovery. How much Ten Hag has relied on the Danish star can be seen as he has played more eighth-high minutes for the club this season than the likes of Antony, despite missing two months due to an ankle injury. Raphael Varane and Fred.

Eriksen can help United finish season strong

Ten Hag spoke enthusiastically about his purchase. “Eriksen brings creativity to the squad and can play in the offensive midfield or lower position. He will add a lot to the team and will affect both our possession and our lack of possession.

“I’ve known him for a long time because everyone knows he can improve at Ajax, so I knew him from the Netherlands and when we met him. We faced him as a manager, so I know his skills and I was very happy to be able to sign him.”

Having already secured their spot in the FA Cup semi-finals and Europa League quarter-finals, the Reds’ return could be a catalyst as they have a chance to add to their Carabao Cup victories this season. The top four in the Premier League also need to be guaranteed.

Eriksen’s return will allow United to better control the ball and, along with McTominay and Sabitzer, could license the side to play more aggressively, even without Casemiro.

And when the Brazilian and Danish start playing together again, United will once again have the steel and silk mix they’ve long longed for before this season starts. Eriksen is often overlooked due to the brilliance of a Marcus Rashford or Fernandes, but it was he who made the Reds work.

“I think he has proven from day one how important he is to our game. He can make a game for you, change the game, see a pass between the lines, make the last pass and attack to score a goal,” Ten Hag says triumphantly early in the season for United. With Eriksen needing him more than ever, it’s finally time to welcome Eriksen back.

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