March 26, 2023

Relating to conditioning, there are numerous methods coaches attempt to get their groups in form.

“Suicides” is a health train utilized by basketball coaches everywhere in the world.

However what precisely are suicides?

And an efficient method to situation your basketball crew?

Let’s talk about…

What’s “Suicide” in basketball?

“Suicides” is a conditioning train that includes working totally different lengths of the sector.

The coach will place all gamers on the baseline after which run to the next strains after every contact, ensuring they return to baseline:

  • nearest free throw line
  • half means line
  • furthest free throw line
  • reverse baseline

This is what a full iteration seems to be like:


(Clearly, the participant will keep in the identical “lane” all through the train… I’ve unfold out the strikes to make the diagram simpler to grasp.)

“Suicides” Basketball Drill Directions

1. Queue at baseline

Whoever is committing the suicide will line up on the baseline.

As gamers will journey in reverse instructions all through the drill, they have to be evenly dispersed to keep away from encountering one another.

2. Begin blowing the whistle

The coach will blow his whistle and that may sign everybody to begin.

3. Run to the closest free throw line

Gamers begin the drill by working to the free throw line closest to the baseline from which they began.

To keep away from dishonest, gamers MUST contact the free throw line (or FT line extension) with their arms or toes earlier than working again to the baseline.

4. Run to the half-court line

After touching the baseline, the gamers run to the half-court line.

They’ll flip from the half-court line and run again to the baseline the place they began.

5. Run to the furthest free throw line

Gamers then return to the free throw line furthest from them from the bottom.

This can be 3/4 of the ground.

They’ll contact that line and as soon as once more return to the baseline from which they began.

6. Run to the other baseline

For the ultimate leg of suicide, gamers will run down and contact the other baseline.

They’ll finish suicide by returning to the baseline from which they began.

This can be a repeat.

Here’s a video of the entire course of:

Are Basketball Suicides Useful?

In follow, coaches use suicides for one in every of two causes:

1. As punishment

2. To get their crew in form

Let’s talk about whether or not these are legit causes to commit suicide, beginning with…

#1 – Utilizing Suicide as Punishment

Many coaches use suicide as a punishment for shedding a exercise or focus throughout coaching.

This can be a “consequence” quite than a punishment.

It appears to me that there’s nothing improper with utilizing suicides for this goal.

Operating a “suicide” is a brief however intense health train – gamers do not prefer it.

By *making a *suicide rush** on account of shedding a aggressive drill, this can give gamers additional motivation to work arduous.

And because it solely takes a minute to run one, it is no waste of time to follow.

#2 – Utilizing it to Situation Suicide

Some trainers use “suicide” as one of many health drills to enhance health.

For my part that is NOT a good suggestion for many groups.

“From the place?”

As mentioned in my article on eliminating “working for health” from basketball exercises, there are numerous downsides to spending an excessive amount of time on non-basketball health coaching.

  • Would not enhance basketball abilities
  • Gamers do not take pleasure in
  • Sensible waste of time

I’d think about using suicides solely as a conditioning train in highschool and past.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND using suicides for conditioning on the youth basketball stage.

Methods to Enhance Situation? With out suicides

The perfect various is to make use of high-intensity, full-court basketball drills.

This permits gamers to work on their basketball abilities and conditioning on the similar time.

Take a look at our full assortment of basketball workout routines for concepts.

Continuously Requested Questions (FAQ)

How Many Suicides Are There in a Mile?

Excessive Faculty Courts:

Most center and highschool basketball courts are 84 toes.

– Dash to the closest free throw line and again is 30 toes.

– A dash to the half-court line and again is 84 toes.

– The dash to the furthest free throw line and again is 138 toes.

– A dash to the other baseline and again is 168 toes.

The full variety of legs run is 420.

A mile is 5,280 toes.

In case you divide 5,280 by 420, it is 12.57.

It could take lower than 13 suicides to run a mile on a highschool courtroom.

Skilled Courts and College Courts

{Most professional} and school courts are 94 toes.

(It is 10 toes taller than center and highschool courts.)

– Dash to the closest free throw line and again is 30 toes.

– Dash to half courtroom line and again is 94 toes

– Dash to furthest free throw line and backward is 158 toes

– A dash to the other baseline and again is 188 toes.

The full variety of legs run is 470.

In case you divide 5,280 by 470, you get 11.23.

It takes somewhat over 11 suicides to equal one mile in a university or skilled courtroom.


Suicides is a conditioning train utilized by many basketball coaches.

They’re of excessive depth and contain working up and down the basketball courtroom.

Whereas they are often an efficient health train, it is best to do health work inside your drills.

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